DSC Show - Thursday, November 8th

Bryce Harper turned down $300 million!

Bryce Harper of The Washington Nationals turned down a ten-year contract offer of $300 million from his own team. USA Today found out that offer of $30 million a year is no longer on the table, although the free agent can resume talks for a different contract. Learn more about it here.

Chainsaw found out Bryce gets that amazing 'do by using two blow dryers at once. So pretty.

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Free range kids, gun control and Chainsaw on fire on the latest episode of our after the show, not safe for work podcast called, "The Backwash," from Thursday, 11-8-18.

Free Frosties from Wendy's in 2019

If you enjoy a thick creamy Frosty at Wendy's - have they got a deal for you! Right now, you can get a $2 key tag at Wendy's that will give you free small Frostys with any purchase for ALL of 2019. The money goes to charity at The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Go for it!

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I'm Stupid game on KGB with DSC

We played a round of the “I’m Stupid” game for a family four pack of Disneyland tickets. It was inspired by Emily who tried to microwave her cutlery.

Ken deep froze his testicles with liquid propane 

Jared - Changed the oil, noticed it was red. Drained his transmission fluid instead and had to have the dealer come to him to change it with special equipment.

Ramone - had Comic-Con tickets but needed to get out of work. He’s lactose intolerant  so he bought a gallon of milk, drank it and vomited in front of boss. They let him go home an hour later. Yes, he was sick all day, but at least he was at Comic-Con.

***** winner****Brian - likes blowing up stuff with dry ice. Sat on a metal trash can that covered the bottle full of dry ice. It blew up so hard it gave him a new a-hole and did not launch him into the air as he had hoped. None of his friends would check his butt for wounds.*****winner****

Omar - saw ranchers branding cows for the first time and wanted to try it. During the night, he snuck out to brand a cow, but chickened out because it was so huge. So he went with something smaller - branded a bunch of chickens. Next day - they were all dead. 

Michael - watching Incredible Hulk when he was a kid. Saw him crush a cue ball in his bare hand. So he took a sledge hammer and hit it causing it to ricochet into his face. Woke up in the hospital with a big knot on his head.

Bob - roasting marshmallows and burned himself badly with the molten goo.

Alex  Turned on his Mom’s oven and everything melted - Tupperware and some food and the whole oven was wrecked

Estelle - breaking down some furniture with an axe, having fun swinging at it. Standing in front of the clothes line and it hit the line and swung next to her face.

 Nick - When he was a Heating and A/C apprentice, he  accidentally started a fire in a building. Got the extinguisher out of his truck, but turned it on himself! Filled a trash can with water and poured in down the steps, so all the black soot went everywhere and ruined the floor.

Chandelle - Confused her McDonalds order

Gail - meeting boyfriend's family for the first time. She made appetizers, put them on a plastic tray, covered with tinfoil, put them in the oven which got ruined from the tray burning and melting. 

Melissa - new born baby was sleeping on top of her, tried to get up but flung him across the room. 

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Disneyland Contest

Want to watch one of the worst punt fails of all time? Here's a massive punt fail from the Kent State Golden Flashes late in the first quarter of a 48-14 loss to the Buffalo Bulls Tuesday night.

Kent State kept the offense on the field only to settle for a pooch punt attempt by backup QB, Dustin Crum which goes horribly wrong as it doesn't even make it past the line of scrimmage.

Michael Douglas Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

His whole family was gathered around him when actor Michael Douglas got emotional at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. He was honored for his 50 plus years in show business as an actor, producer and director. Douglas is known for such films as "Wall Street," "Fatal Attraction," and "Basic Instinct,"

Douglas  is pictured here with his son Cameron, his wife Katherine Zeta-Jones and father, Kirk Douglas.

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Here are some of the things we learned today:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) broke a couple of ribs yesterday, hence inspiring Dave's new band name, “Old Ladies on Opioids.” Although we hope it doesn't come to that.

Wife of QB Tom Brady, supermodel Gisele Bundchen retired from Victoria Secret eleven years ago. “At least somebody in that family knows when to quit,” quiped Chainsaw. 

Listener Gary won tickets to see Bob Seger on his very last tour. Gary won our Beautiful Loser game where Dave played a Seger song backwards and he had to guess the correct title. Gary guessed Night Moves, with the assist of Bromo and Ruth.

Imagine serving an eviction notice and you find a freakin' alligator in your house!! That's what happened to a landlord in Kansas City, MO. There were also large snakes living there.

One of the largest Python ever found was caught in south FL this week. It measured in at 17 feet and weighed 120 lbs.

What if you won the lotto jackpot - but you lost the ticket! It was only lost for a few weeks but the woman finally found it - on the floor of her sisters truck.

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Bob Seger Contest

The "Sharknado" franchise has come to an end, but no worries. There's a new tornado based movie coming out called, "Clownado." Instead of sharks flying in the skies, it will have evil clowns from hell. 

This is no comedy! See what I mean in the trailer below which is insanely gory and NOT safe for work! Make sure you have sound too.


Dead celebrities are still making a LOT money. Pictured above are the Top Ten biggest money makers, with #1 way out in front of everyone else. Forbes magazine puts this list together every year. There are some new entries this year as well. 

You can see the entire list here.

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