DSC Show - Thursday, August 16

Chris Boyer, The Celebrity Death Czar, welcomed in Aretha Franklin to Celebrity Heaven. She passed away today after reports on national news that she's been in hospice this week. She died of pancreatic cancer. Check for links about her life and music on The DSC web page.

Here's what we learned on The DSC Show today.

Pimple popping videos are really becoming common place. But it's not for regular zits anymore. They have to be mega-cysts or gigantic in size. Everyone on our crew is grossed out by those videos, so we wondered who on earth watches them? Is it you?

Would you rather for Ruthie.... Would you rather have a giant zit in the middle of your face for one month  - and no makeup could cover it - OR make out with Boyer? Sadly, she chose Boyer.

ASNR alerts reported when Dave said, "Ruth is the Rapunzel of nose hair."  In case you don't know, an ASNR  stands for "Acute Spontaneous Nasal Reflux," otherwise known as laughing it out your nose. After all, that's the mission statement of our show.

We played a round of Summer School today and Boyer won, so here are the $5 QUIZ STANDINGS, THANKS TO JOHN TIPPS

RUTHIE - last place

EMILY - 4th place and 10 ½ games back

CHAINSAW - 3rd  place and 3 games back

BOYER - 2nd place and only 1 game back

SARAH - 1st place despite playing zero games 

How often are you washing your dog bowls?

Who is the best dog owner on our show? Boyer thinks he is. Although he only washes out his dog bowls once every three weeks. Chainsaw says he washes his dog bowls about once a month. But Dave found out we should be washing them with hot, soapy water every day!  If you don't they could be at risk for infections. That seems excessive since dogs drink out of the toilet and eat kitten crap. But the experts know what's best.

Gronk hasn't spent any of his NFL salary - until now!

Gronk hasn't touched his NFL salary in eight years, but has lived off of his endorsement earnings since 2010. Now we heard he finally dropped some cash on a diamond necklace. Gronk says he's never owned jewelry before, but borrowed a chain from a buddy and felt really good wearing it. After hitting all of his goals for 2017, Gronk decided on the splurge.

Health care & tech rule the top jobs in America

It looks like health-care and high tech have the best jobs. Here are the highest paying jobs in America according to Bloomberg:

#10 Software Architect

#9  Nurse Practitioner

#8 Software Engineer Manager

#7 Physician Assistant

#6 Software Development Manager

#5 Corporate Counsel

#4 Enterprise Architect

#3 Pharmacist

#2 Pharmacy Manager

#1 Physician

Break a world record with us at Sky Show!

We're going to attempt to break a world record during the KGB Sky Show this year, so get your tickets NOW and be part of it! Plus, we're doing a live show from 3-5 PM before the game on Sat. 9-8-18!

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