DSC Show - Thursday, August 23

KGB listener Rosa from Iowa has been texting a new guy in her life, but needs our advice. Today, he "blew her mind" when he told her he enjoys wearing women's underwear and would really love it if they could wear matching undies! She asked us what she should do. She's 45 and he's 30. She wondered if this is the way men are now. Boyer thinks it means the guy is on the way to becoming gay. Chainsaw and Ruthie said it's just his fetish and she needs to accept it or not. If not, just move on. Emily thinks it's fine. Sarah says hell to the no. 

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Men wearing women's underwear - red flag or not?

Some people get in trouble because they have a BIG MOUTH and yap too much on social media. A would-be NASA intern lost her new gig after a couple of vulgar tweets to NASA hero, Homer Hickam. He's the dude who inspired the movie, "October Sky."

On Twitter she starts out with, "Everyone shut the f--- up. I got accepted for a NASA internship." The NASA hero said NASA might not appreciate her language. Instead of toning it down, the wanna-be intern replied with a sexually vulgar tweet that was so bad it can't be reprinted here. Hickam said he wasn't offended, but thought the powers that be at NASA might be. And he was right. When they found about the exchange, they cancelled the woman's internship at NASA.

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Would-be NASA intern loses gig after vulgar tweet to NASA alum

Dave started the show with an email from Hall of Fame listener, Omar. He's lost his phone charger and decided to check his 19-year-old daughters room since she often borrows it. He says he didn't find the charger, but he DID find a double headed, glow in the dark, dildo! Omar says he froze when he saw it, because he was in denial, which turned to confusion and frustration. His first thought was to cover it in hot sauce, but came up with something better. Omar went into his garden and picked a fresh ghost pepper and commenced rubbing it all over the double ended dildo. You can't even touch ghost peppers without wearing gloves or you'll get burned. That happened four days and so far nothing has happened. He promises to let us know how this story ends.

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Listener Omar found a double headed dildo in his daughters room!

Listener Bruce asked for our help today. He's walking his daughter down the aisle very soon and wants it to go well. He needs to come up with the perfect song for the all-important Father-Daughter wedding dance. 

Dave likes "Free Bird" because it's 9.5 minutes long.  Emily chose the popular "Butterfly Kisses" because her father has been dreaming about it.  Also suggested were "You've Got a Friend" by Michael Buble and Randy Newman's, "You've Got a Friend in Me."

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What's your favorite song for the Father-Daughter wedding dance?

Here are some of the things we learned today:

A man almost died when his feces filled, bowel  -- burst -- from chronic constipation! Doctors say he had a mega-rectum. Dave says that could be the word to inspire the next, big blockbuster summer movie. The mans mega-rectum is 18 centimeters and definitely a super sphincter!

After hearing Boyer say it, Dave claims "metric" is the new buzz word being used way too much in 2018. 

We listened to a 40 second cable news clip about the top story of the day. It was the word impeachment said many times on every channel.   

"The Dildo in the Pew (And you know what that means, Sarah)" is the name of Dave's new band.

Dave's other new band is called, "Manipulating the Stool."

Actor, alcoholic, Ben Affleck relapsed again and was driven to rehab by his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. She saw a photo of him accepting a huge liquor delivery and sprung into action.

A woman in England has been diagnosed with a rare STD called donovanosis.  It causes flesh eating ulcers and umm ... crotch rot. Fortunately, it can be treated with antibiotics - but only if you catch it in the beginning. 

Chainsaw says, the connubial sounds we make are very important. We grunt during sex because our body needs more oxygen. The happy sounds also let our partner know we're enjoying ourselves. Some women admit to faking orgasm to make their man feel better. 

Chainsaw won the $5 Quiz about Island Songs today. He got the final question correct which was Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean. You have the chance to catch Billy Ocean live at Pala Casino on October 6th.

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Jen took Ben to rehab for the third time.

Enjoy today's podcast!



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