DSC Show - Thursday, December 13

Show opening: Dave talked about how we use to work for Mr. Ernest Rady who owned Rock 102 which turned into Rock 105. He didn’t realize he was one of the richest men in the world at that time. He donated $120 million to Rady's! Dave suggested if someone did that right now, we could pack up this dog and pony show and go home.

Emily explained the texting process for donation: Text 41444, type RADY and they send back a link where you can donate. Simple! But watch out for that pesky autocorrect. It tries to correct RADY to READY, which is something completely different. 

Lots of email about Emily’s reading of the 12 Days of Christmas letter yesterday. She made a lot of grown men weep! Listen to the podcast if you missed it - very moving.

Long time listener Quiet Talking James made a pledge to the iHeart Rady GiveAthon today and challenged the other KGB Wanna Be’s to step up and do the same. I'll be damned if they didn't. We heard from Sheree, the Chick in the Chair, who spent some time at Rady's when she had a diving accident that injured her spine. Another one of our favorites, the Dimitri Bandit pledged $500. Dave was really impressed, but said, "I don't have time." 

Hall of Fame listener Omar emailed us about an ASNR he had when Dave said something was a “no brainer” after interviewing the girl with the brain tumor. Hahahha! That was funny. In case you forgot or you don't know, ASNR stands for Acute Spontaneous Nasal Reflux, meaning - to laugh something out your nose. That just happens to be our Daily Mission Statement. So thanks for telling us, Omar. It just means we're doing our job.

May I just brag about  my boss for a couple of sentences? (Go right ahead, Ruthie.) Wasn't Dave incredible these last two days at the the iHeart Rady GiveAthon? When you first hear about something like that, there could be a big tune out factor because it could get boring, but Dave made the whole thing so darn interesting and inspiring. The way he talked about such serious life and death situations, but somehow managed to make the parents and kids laugh despite that - is just extraordinary. You can't teach someone to do that. You either have it or you don't and damn, has he got it big time.

Photos by KGB/iheartmedia and Rady Children's Hospital

Here are some of the things we learned during news and sports today:

The makers of 'Vitamin Water' will pay you $10,000 if you give up using your smartphone for one year. Think you can make it? If you last for six months, they'll give you $10,000. If they pick you, you'll have to go 365 straight days without using your smartphone, iPad, or anyone else's smartphone or iPad.  And you have to take a lie detector at the end to prove you stuck to the rules.

Did NBA star Steph Curry really mean it when he said he didn’t believe we really landed on the moon? That's what he said last week on a podcast and seemed serious at the time. Turns out - he was just kidding. Too bad it wasn't funny. Steph says he plans to take NASA up on their offer anyway to tour the moon mission center when he plays the Houston Rockets again in March.

Rap star Post Malone is trying to make Crocs sexy and it seems to be working. He started his own line of Crocs and they’re sold out! 

Yesterday, Netflix took to Twitter to do a wellness check on the 53 customers who have watched "The Christmas Prince" every day for the past 18 days, asking "who hurt you?" I think I'd lose my mind, sheesh.

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A recent poll asked people what age they were when their Christmas spirit peaked.  And the average answer was 14 years old. That's rather disappointing. After that, it starts to feel less and less magical. Although it probably goes back up a little once you have kids OR ON DAYS LIKE TODAY when you're so full of great feelings from the inspiring stories from families at Rady Children's Hospital.

The poll also asked people about old holiday traditions, and whether they still do them or not.  Here are five traditions that are now considered outdated.  The vast majority of us DON'T plan on doing them this year. What about you?

  1.  Going door-to-door singing Christmas carols.
  2. Making a gingerbread house.
  3.  Drinking eggnog.
  4.  Hanging mistletoe.
  5.  Tipping your mailman.  

 At least two holiday traditions are still gaining in popularity though:  Secret Santa gift exchanges, and ugly sweater parties.

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12 Days of Christmas

Today is Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas!

We're doing a live broadcast from Rady Children's Hospital today and somehow, Emily and Sarah got the ladies to show up at the site.

Listener Becky nominated her friend Stephanie who found herself pregnant, despite using birth control. . Doctors said it was a high risk pregnancy and the baby only had only a 20% chance of survival. Things were so bleak, they told her not to plan a baby shower, that he's not expected to make it

But the incredible people and excellent care at Rady Children's Hospital literally saved his life. Her baby Liam was born 17 weeks early. But now he's gaining weight and getting stronger everyday. He's been in the hospital since he was born in September.

Stephanie and her husband spend most of their day at the hospital, so the $1,000 from Kearny Pearson Ford and $500 gift card from Pick Up Stix are most welcome. Good luck to all of you and Happy Birthday to lil' Liam.

DSC's 12 Days of Christmas is Presented By Kearny Pearson Ford, and Sponsored By California Coast Credit Union, and Pick Up Stix.

Day 11 of DSC 12 Days of Christmas

Here's DSC with the grateful folks from Day 11 of DSC 12 Days of Christmas. 

Left to right; Team Captain Dave Rickards, Becky - who nominated her friend Mama Stephanie in the glasses, next to News Broad Emily Maguire, next to DSC Superfan Trevor who's married to Becky, Super Producer Sarah Beebe and last but certainly not least The Dean of American Sportscasters, Cookie Chainsaw Randolph.

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My hope in writing this blog is that it makes you eager to listen to our podcast. So here it is in its entirety from Thurs. 12-13-18, Day Two at iHeart Rady GiveAthon on KGB.



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