DSC Show - Thursday, December 6

Here are some of the things we learned today.

The great guitarist and all-around great guy, Gary Ho-Ho-Hoey will be in studio with us on Monday to kick off our last work week of the year. You won't want to miss it! Find all things Gary here.

Ruthie can NOT "smize." That's Tyra Banks made up word for smiling using only your eyes. Dave said Ruth looks like she's having a stroke. You can see it for yourself here on our "TheDSCshow" Instagram story.

Thank you so much for the lovely gift basket we received today from Barron's Market. We're hoping other companies will take note and follow suit.

At the Bush funeral: Former Senator Alan Simpson quoted his mother, “Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in.” That’s what Chainsaw’s been saying for decades.

Free  cheesecake caused a near riot at a Cheesecake Factory in VA which led to an arrest.

Academy award winning actor, Sean Penn is in Turkey this week to film a documentary about the murder of Saudi-born, Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. He was killed at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul two months ago.

A Brazilian woman gave birth after receiving a uterus transplant from an organ donor. This is the first time a baby has ever been born to a woman who received a uterus transplant from a deceased donor. The mother became pregnant through IVF and gave birth to a baby girl a year ago.

A petition is going around to get SpongeBob to perform at the Super Bowl along with Maroon 5! You can actually sign it here.

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Deal or No Deal Situation: You're doing really great  with the game and you've won $333,000. What do you do next? Do you take the cash and bail OR do you take the deal and open the suitcase and only its contents?

Emily, Sarah and Dave would go for the deal, while Ruthie, Boyer and Chainsaw would take the life changing money and go home. Looks like the latter made the best choice since there was only $5 in the deal! Would you just sit down and cry, crap your pants or what?!

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12 Days of Christmas

Day 6 of DSC 12 Days of Christmas

Listener Amy is surprising her cousin, Lori. Lori has a heart the size of Texas, but she’s having trouble since she left there. She’s living with her family in a hotel. Her husband can’t find a job. She gets $1,000 cash from Kearny Pearson Ford and a $500 gift card from Pick Up Stix! We hope that helps you have a Merry Christmas.

Big thanks to our sponsors Kearny Pearson FordCalifornia Coast Credit Union, and Pick Up Stix.

Rolling Stones Tour tickets
Would You Rather ...

Would you rather make out with announcer Chris Collinsworth or Boyer? Dave and Emily picked Boyer while the rest of us picked Collinsworth. (Emily later came to regret her choice, but you'll have to listen to today's podcast to find out why! It's a few entries below this post.)

Would you rather spend 15-years in prison or Send your Mother to jail for one year? Sarah, Emily, Ruthie, Boyer, Dave, and Chainsaw ALL sent Mom to prison! We barely blinked an eye during that decision, because we're horrible people.

WORST Would you rather in the news today - A Utah man was upset with hit roommate. He cuffed him to a chair, and asked if he wanted to be killed in the desert OR have a nail hammered into his junk? He chose the nail. Rusty nail hammered into the junk into the board under him. The guys all picked the same thing because they don’t want to die. What about you?

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Boyer vs. The Team DSC on KGB

Boyer vs. The Team:  Listener Mike played for SD Zoo tickets and he blindly chose Boyer for the win. That's good for two prizes if he wins. But he lost.

  • Question: A heifer can be a cow, but a cow can’t be heifer. Why is that?
  • Team Answer: a heifer is a calf-bearing cow
  • Boyer Answer: Heifer gives milk
  • Real Answer: heifer is a female who hasn’t yet had a calf. Once it has a calf, it becomes a cow.
  • Score for 2018:  BOYER: 12  TEAM: 16   Neither: 42  TOTAL GAMES: 70

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