DSC Show - Thursday, September 13

Death Czar says no to David Davis

Things we learned on the show today:

  • One listener told us she had a "MILE HIGH ASNR" from listening to our podcast about butthole innies on hotdogs. (An ASNR, as you know by now, means to laugh it out your nose or Acute Spontaneous Nasal Reflux.)
  • Listener Holly was thrilled about her recent purchase of an ombre Hydro Flash water bottle. But that elation was quickly replaced by severe disappointment when she saw a scratch on it the "size of half a grain of rice!" She had to immediately send it back. Well, duh. 
  • Meanwhile, Emily bought a Yeti cup that arrived with a freakin' chip on it. She said it was all she could see and it was right next to a sticker that read "will not chip." Back it went until her husband got his big ol' man hands on it and chipped it again. Chip, chop, chip.
  • Longtime KUSI Anchorman, David Davis, died yesterday in a car accident in Texas.  He recently retired and was in the midst of traveling around the US. The Death Czar would not admit him to Celebrity Heaven -"because he's only a local." So Dave immediately accepted him into his Purgatory Party. May he rest in peace.

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Summer School game on The DSC Show

We played a round of our favorite new game, "Summer School" and it was the Kaaboo edition for Kaaboo tickets. If you haven't heard it yet - today's free podcast is at the bottom of this post and you should definitely give it a listen. As usual, some of the names were clear as a bell, while others sounded like some drunk dude stumbling down Fifth Ave. at 2am in the Gaslamp.  Chris Boyer got the win.   


  • BOYER - 2ND PLAC,E 27-60,  BATTING 310 AND  

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Replacing booze bottles with urine in hotel mini bars

Unfortunately, there's a horrific new trend among hotel guests. People are drinking the little bottles of liquor in their hotel mini-bar, then they re-fill them with urine! That way, they don't get charged at the hotel. 

A bunch of hotels in Spain recently removed all the mini-bars from their rooms after a study found it's surprisingly common. What the hell is wrong with people? OMG! Cheap bastards!

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Norm Macdonald has a big mouth

Norm Macdonald's "Big Mouth Tour" continues. He's facing more backlash after trying to explain his earlier comments about being glad the #MeToo movement has been slowing down and for sending tweets in support of his friends Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr. 

Norm says, "Of course, people will go, ‘What about the victims?’ But you know what? The victims didn’t have to go through that … Who has ever gone through such a thing? All their work in their entire life being wiped out in a single day, a moment.” So he apologized for that, but said another dumb thing. 

Norm said, "You’d have to have Down Syndrome to not feel sorry for #MeToo victims. I wasn’t talking about the victims. They asked me about Roseanne."

Looks like Jimmy Fallon dodged a bullet since he bumped Norm from appearing on The Tonight Show after Norm's initial remarks

He admits to being a "dumb guy who gets confused easily." Now that we can all agree on.

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Roseanne Barr talks Ambien

Speaking of Roseanne... she recently taped a show for Dr. Oz and talked about taking Ambien. The fallen star said she was on the drug when she tweeted out a racist comment about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett that ultimately caused ABC to cancel of her popular show.

Roseanne said, It's a weird drug and she had felt side-effects from Ambien before. She said, “Well, I’ve done some weird things on Ambien, and I think a lot of people have, too.”

Roseanne told Dr. Oz her tweets were unforgiveable and doesn't want anyone to defend her. She claims it was two in the morning and she was "ambien tweeting." She says she made a mistake and wishes she hadn't. That episode of Dr. Oz will air Sept. 18.

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Morality Test

Dave gave us a "Morals Test" today and we discussed the results. If you'd like to see how you measure up, you can take it it here: https://www.idrlabs.com/morality/6/test.php  Otherwise, scroll down to hear today's podcast.

Waffle House Index

Who knew the feds use Waffle House to gage how bad hurricanes are?! The popular restaurants rarely close, so it has to be really bad weather for that to happen. FEMA calls it the "Waffle House Index."

As the monster Hurricane Florence moves closer to the Carolinas, the Waffle House is joining the list of agencies and businesses tracking the storm's every twist and turn.

If a Waffle House shuts down or limits its menu because of big storms, federal officials conclude the community took a major hit. FEMA came up with this idea during the 2004 hurricane season in FL.

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