DSC Show - Thursday, September 6

Here are some of the things we learned today.

Today is the opening day of the NFL! The champion Eagles take on the Falcons on NBC. 

We started the show with The Chainsaw Football Quiz. See if you know the answers to these questions.

Q: What year did the NFL begin?  A: 1920

Q: Only two teams remain as founding members of the NFL. What are they? A: Bears and Cardinals.

Q: What team joined in 1921 and is still operating in the same location today? A: Green Bay Acme Packers

Q: Who were the first NFL Champions in 1920? A: Akron Pro's

Q: The first pro bowl was played in January at Wrigley Field. Why did they chose Wrigley in the dead of winter?  A: It was Wrigley Field in Los Angeles not Chicago.

Fun football fact: Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are the most prolific QB and running back in NFL history!

Ruth: Would you rather: be on the honk-ship four days out at sea OR be on the Titanic? Titanic because some folks lived!

Dave is writing a short story that his daughter Ali is planning to produce for him. So he was looking for a strong masculine name for his character. Our crew suggested Jake or Jack or Nick. The friend of that guy should be called Brian or Michael. 

Dave found a list of masculine names and we thought they were just awful.




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Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates
Boyer vs The Team

We had two rounds of "Boyer vs. The Team" today. The topic was: marketing. Listener Don started us off. The question was: This is the biggest brand in the whole world with the greatest market penetration where half of all households use it. The Team gets to go first and they chose: Coke. Boyer chose Coca Cola. Listener Don went with Boyer, so he lost.

Dave really wanted to give away tickets to Kaaboo and Sky Show, so we had another round with a different listener, plus a clue - it's a cleaning product. The Team went with Windex as their second stab at the answer, while Boyer picked Clorox. Listener Craig went with Neither - and he won!

Turns out Coca-Cola is the second most popular product in the world, while Colgate Toothpaste is the #1 most popular product with half of the households in the world using it. 

That gives the champ, Neither, more than 20+ wins, The Team has 9 wins and Boyer brings up the rear with 7 wins.

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DSC Superbowl Picks

Since tonight is the first official NFL game of the season, it's about time we made our annual Super Bowl bet. Here are the choices by the entire crew for 2018-19 for our $50 bet. If one of us hits it on the screws, the money doubles. Good luck, everyone!








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Germiest place in the airport is the shoe trays

What's the germiest place in the airport? You might think it's the bathrooms, but you'd be wrong. It's those dirty plastic trays you put your shoes in. Try to remember that the next time you drop your laptop, cell phone and passport into one of the security trays. Some hand sanitizer might be in order.

Other germ hotspots were shop payment terminals, staircase rails, passport checking counters, children’s play areas and in the air. Even if you avoid airport germs, previous studies have shown airplanes are equally as dirty. The tray table was the number one offender, with overhead air vents also among the most germ-filled surfaces.

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Poor, Mary Ann. Dawn Wells from "Gilligan's Island" is broke and having health problems.! She lost her home and is trying to get into assisted living, but can't due to her financial problems. A friend started a GoFundMe page for the 79-year-old actress to raise. $180,000. So far, they're only raised $12,000.

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Conflict resolution holding a rose and repeating friendship

Producer Sarah gave us some highlights of the dreaded "Parents back to school night" she got tricked into attending.

There are new rules for the playground. If kids get into an argument, there’s a new way for them to work it out. The two kids both hold onto the same rose, while reciting the word ‘friends.‘ Wait, what?? Boyer thinks they should have old-fashioned fist-fights as their conflict resolution.

One of the teachers admitted she doesn't usually give homework, but on nights when she does - the kid doesn’t have to do it - because spending quality time with your family is more important. Huh?!

And last but not least: Tug of war is now called - tug of peace! Seriously?!

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