DSC Show - Tuesday, December 4

Day to Donate

Tomorrow we’re doing our show live at  Vons in the Murphy Canyon parking lot. There's a giant Holiday Food Drive going on so stop by and donate some food, fill up a $5 Hunger Bag and help make the holidays brighter for a lot of San Diegans.

 Everyone who donates gets a raffle ticket to try to win tickets to see Volta, Cirque du Soleil! We'll be there from 6am to 10am, then Clint takes over til noon. Can't wait to see you there!

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Here are some of the things we learned today:

Why do they call it a One-Off?  It means ”one off the assembly line from Britain.”  We keep hearing it when sports reporters mention Kareem Hunt as having more than the one incident of violence.

In fact, Hunt was also involved in a nightclub beating AND punched a man at an Ohio resort in yet another incident. He was let go by the KC Chiefs on Friday when the tape was released of him punching and kicking a woman.

Pechanga Arena San Diego will be the new name of the Sports Arena in San Diego. The Temecula casino will pay $400,000 for the naming rights.

Pop star, Katy Perry performed onstage during the One Love Malibu Festival at King Gillette Ranch yesterday. It was a fundraiser benefiting victims from the Woolsey fire. Actor Dick Van Dyke  and drummer Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters also performed. During the auction, Katy made a dick move when she purposely outbid a fan who offered $20,000 for a date with Katy's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Katy wasn't having it and bid $50,000.

“A Christmas Story” came to life when a dumb kid put his tongue on a pole and it got stuck - just like the movie. He thought the movie was made up and lo and behold  - it stuck immediately.

It use to be Illegal to throw a snowball in Severance, CO. But a little boy wanted to have fun playing in the snow and went to a City Council meeting to speak up and get it changed.  And guess what? He won! Have fun kids.

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DSC 12 Days of Christmas

Dave posted a pic on his Twitter of Fred Flintstone with only four fingers, because today is Day Four of the 12 Days of Christmas. Each day we give the recipient $1000 cash from Kearny Pearson Ford and $500 gift card from Pick Up Stix.

Day Four of The DSC 12 Days of Christmas Wish

Listener Mike is having a lot of pain today, trying to get comfortable. His spinal fusion surgery got messed up after 7 hours, so doctors had to do another 5 hour operation. That left Mike in a lot of pain with a paralyzed leg. This $1000 can't pay the enormous hospital bills he must have, but it will help pay his rent and get gifts for his grandkids.  And he can take the whole family out for dinner with his $500 gift card to Pick up Stix!

After today's Christmas Wish, we got a call from a long time listener who has two Harley’s. He thinks he's supposed to be a tough biker dude, but every time he hears our 12 days of Christmas - he blubbers like a baby. It’s great to be fortunate this year, because last year, his son got one of our Christmas wishes. One of his son’s is a disabled vet putting himself through school so he could work in a motorcycle shop. And because of our gift of cash, he did that and now he’s the manager of that shop! We love a happy ending! Helping others is the true spirit of the season.

Big thanks to our sponsors Kearny Pearson FordCalifornia Coast Credit Union, and Pick Up Stix.

$5 Quiz Wild Card Race

#5 Quiz Championship - wild card game

Lyric comprehension challenge, where we had to write down the lyrics from the hook of five songs Dave played for #4 seed Emily vs. #5 seed Ruthie.  It turned out to be a tie so we listened to a sixth song to break it and  **** WINNER ******  EMILY ******** Ruth IS OUT!

Congrats to Listener Tom who won tickets to the San Diego Zoo for choosing Emily!

The next round will be #3 seed Chainsaw take on #2 seed Boyer. Whoever wins that race will play Emily.

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Ringo Starr

We hope reading our blog made you curious to listen to our entire show and you can do that right here on our podcast from Tues. Dec 4, 2018. Never forget - we love your show. -R



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