DSC Show - Tuesday, November 27

Here are some of the things we learned today.

NASA landed a rocket on Mars yesterday. It’s called Insight. It has a chip that says "Green Day has been around since 1986." There’s no music though. 

Barbra Streisand has a new anti-Trump album. She comes out against women who voted for him because their husbands did. 

“Face Timing on the Toilet, featuring Debbie” is the name of Dave’s new band. You need to listen to today's podcast to find out why. It's the last entry on this blog. Or you can find it on our website here.

Styx is Touring With . . . Larry the Cable Guy? No joke. They're teaming up for a few shows next year for the "Laugh. Rock. Seriously." tour. Check their schedule here.

Four teams have never been to the Superbowl and one of them got called out on 'Jeopardy' last night - the Detroit Lions. The others are: Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans. 12 teams have never won a Superbowl, including the Chargers.

Christmas came early! Dave turned us on to the best new music in ages called, 'Shatner Claus." It's Captain Kirk’s new Christmas album and it's hilarious! You can check out a sample on iTunes or Amazon.

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A dude from Switzerland went hang gliding for the first time and turned it into a near death experience!  You can watch the longest two minutes of the guys life in the above video where he wasn't attached to the harness of the instructor. He had to hang on with his bare hands! The landing was rough, but he lived to tell the story.

12 DAys of Christmas

12 DAys of Christmas

Worst thing that ever happened when you had people stay over

Worst thing that ever happened when you had people stay over

Bad Company: What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had with company staying over at your house? The best story wins tickets to see The Rolling Stones at the Rose Bowl.

Emily - had guy friend staying for a few weeks. Went to a club, got trashed, came home drunk. Ate fistful’s of M&M’s to sober up. Got sick in the bathroom. Passed out. Woke up sick in her bed honking! 

******WINNER******Maria - helped out her friend and her son for two weeks. They left her with bed bugs which cost $500 to have the exterminator get rid of them. They also left holes in the walls putting up Jesus stuff.

Doug - visited his fiance' so he stayed with him for a week. She broke up with him so he was stuck with the dude for two more weeks. 

Nathan - His cousin and three kids stayed over. One of the kids glued the fridge shut with the gorilla glue they found. He had to replace it or get a new door. The pranksters also put rocks in the washer-dryer. His wife kicked him out after that.

Scott - Brother in law stayed with him at Christmas. His girlfriend came along too. She tried on a new, never worn dress he bought for his wife, then had sex wearing it and staining it. It was ruined. And his kids saw them having sex. They also ate his steaks without asking.

Tom - Cousin came to visit for the holiday. Stayed in his playroom next to the living room. Loudly having sex on the air mattress. His kid projectile vomited chocolate cake and milk.

Allison - Dyed her hair red in her bathroom, stained the granite countertops, the floors and linens.

Vicky - Woke up to a locked bathroom door and had to break in. They found a trash can full of vomit and an open window where he booked during the night.

Carlos - Mother in law is an ODP and he saw it during the middle of the night - every night of her visit. 

Cheryl - Friends stayed there so they could enjoy the beach, but left sand everywhere in her house. 

Sara - she and her boyfriend got hotel room. Invited a couple. The girl got wasted and asked to stay in their room. She passed out in their bed. Sara woke up next to the couple having sex!

Matthew -  Sister in law came to stay in his man cave in their condo. All his stuff was in the hallway while she turned it into her girly princess room. She's still there -  eight months later.

Stephanie - her brother in law and his wife stayed in their master bedroom. Used wife’s automatic nail groomer to masturbate because there were curly hairs on it.

Philip - mother in law stayed over. Went on a Xanax binge during the night and finger-painted the door with chocolate syrup.

Brandon - his seven year old son had his first sleepover with his friends. Rented a movie, had pizza. Kid pooped on his new couch. Tried to clean it with paper towels and clogged the toilet. In the morning - he sat in it and got it all over him!

Lynn - friend smoked meth, passed out, caught on fire, sprinklers went off, fire trucks came.

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Boyer vs. The Team iphone question

Boyer vs. The Team iphone question

  • Boyer vs. The Team: Listener Thomas blindly chose Boyer so he gets two prizes: Fleetwood Mac tickets and Del Mar Racetrack. 

  • Question: The voice memo on the iphone has a picture in the wave form - what word is it?
  • Team Answer: Steve (We seriously couldn't think of a thing, even though Emily said the right answer as her first guess, then ignored it.)
  • Boyer Answer: “I”
  • Correct answer: Apple
  • Score: Boyer 11   Team 15  Neither 41 - Neither won last three games

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Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

$5 Quiz Standings on DSC Show

$5 Quiz Standings on DSC Show

$5 Quiz Standings 11-27-18

  • Ruth still in last place
  • Emily is in 4th place and 5 games back
  • Chainsaw is in 3rd place and 2 games back
  • Boyer is in 2nd place and only 1 game back
  • Sarah is still holding down first place!!

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

I hope reading this blog has made you want to hear the whole show on our podcast from today, Tuesday, 11-27-18 on KGB.

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