DSC Show - Tuesday, November 6

 Idris Elba

People magazine has announced its Sexiest Man Alive is Idris Elba. He's only the third African American to ever get the title, after Denzel Washington and The Rock. The 46-year old actor is from London and says it's a nice ego boost to be chosen. Check out his body of work here.

People magazine says, "The Wire star — who often returns to his roots as a DJ, including spinning at Meghan and Harry’s wedding reception  — is among other Brits to have earned the titleJude Law received the honor in 2004, and David Beckham served as 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive."

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Disneyland Contest

Here are some of the things we learned today.

The DSC Team is playing golf today at Petco Park - one day before it's open to the public. Look for the pics in our social media throughout the day.

Election day is today - GO VOTE! 

More Disneyland tickets today!!  Emily says it’s “magical” at Christmastime. Especially with the snow flurries. Bob Seger tickets every day this week as well with a chance to upgrade to front row. 

It’s not too early to talk about Christmas! We’re accepting nominations for the 12 Days of Christmas. $1,000 cash, plus a $500 gc from Pick Up Stix.

LA Chargers have booted their kicker. He’s missed 6 extra points in 6 games. Next up is rookie Michael Badgley from the practice squad. Chargers play the Raiders on Sunday at 1pm on Fox.

What do you think of men wearing jewelry? What if it’s his son's circumcision?! There’s a woman named RUTH making jewelry out of foreskins and umbilical cords. And Mom’s everywhere are participating in the new fad.

Dennis Rodman thinks Luke Walton is doing okay. As long as LeBron is there - it doesn't matter what Luke thinks. He has a point.

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We talked about the pie eating contest in the movie "Stand By Me" and how it was one of the most epic vomiting scenes of all time! Watch for yourself!


Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News is always good for a few laughs, but this one is an embarrassment of riches! The reporter asked them about their voting experience - last week! Each and everyone of these people are big fat liars! Watch 'em lie with a smile on their face.

Win KISS Concert Tickets

Here's a pair of bears to inspire us today to keep moving forward until we reach our goal! Just watch!

Greatest Bob Seger song of all time

Beautiful Loser Game: Bob Seger tickets to his farewell concert!

What's the Greatest Bob Seger song of them all?

  • ****All Time Rock n Roll - Emily and Sarah - Dave***
  • Hollywood Nights - Ruth
  • Main Street - Chainsaw
  • Fire Down Below - Boyer
  • Shame on the moon
  • Still the Same
  • Night Moves
  • First Strut
  • Against the Wind
  • Like A Rock
  • Shakedown
  • Betty Lou’s Gettin Out Tonight
  • Even Now

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Win Bob Seger Tickets
Boyer Vs The Team: Wordology

$5 Quiz: Boyer Vs The Team, listeners playing for Disneyland family  4-park of tickets! 

Topic: Wordology

Question:  The word helicopter is two words put together. Where do you break up the word to get the two words.

******WINNER*****Team Answer:  helico-pter**********

Boyer Answer: helic - opter BUT DISQUALIFIED for using his clip board! No notes can be taken at any time during a quiz!!

Boyer 11   Team 15   Neither 35

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Please enjoy the podcast from today's show on election day on KGB on Nov. 6, 2018.



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