DSC Show - Tuesday, October 16

The Simpsons

We remembered a few TV shows we weren't allowed to watch when we were kids.

  • Dave couldn’t watch The Three Stooges and Creature Features.
  • Chainsaw couldn’t watch Hogan’s Heroes.
  • Boyer couldn’t watch SNL.
  • Ruth couldn’t watch The Munsters.
  • Sarah couldn’t watch The Simpsons, MTV, VH1, but she always cracked the parental codes and watched 'em anyway!

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Death Czar ruling on Paul Allen on DSC

Here are a few of the things we learned today:

Ruth bought 6 lotto tickets and promised to give Dave $1 million if she wins. He gets the first check. She’ll take a private jet everywhere if she wins to avoid flying with idiots at the airport….like

The guy who tried to smuggle a roasted pig into the airport yesterday in ATL . 

Or Tara Reid who had a rough go getting from LA to NY. She got booted off the plane! She flew into a rage before take off on Monday on Delta. Tara loudly complained about being in the wrong seat. It was double booked so she couldn't switch. And gosh darnit she didn’t get a pillow either. 

The Death Czar says yes to allowing Microsoft co-founder/Guitar shredder Paul Allen to join Alex Spanos in Celebrity Heaven. Allen died of cancer at the age of 65.

There's a lot of drama over some homemade cookies being brought to school, because they contained the ashes of a kids grandmother! At least nine students ate the cookies. They don’t know why the kid did this. What is wrong with people?

Would you rather eat a cookie with dead persons ashes or make out with Boyer? Ruth predictably chose the cookie.

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Dating app for Trump fans

A new dating app is aimed at uniting supporters of President Trump with the promise of making "America date again.”

DonaldDaters launched Monday for Apple and Android devices with the hope of encouraging young conservatives to meet and mingle.

"For many young Trump supporters, liberal intolerance has made meeting and dating nearly impossible," Emily Moreno, CEO of Donald Daters, said in a statement. "Support for the president has become a dealbreaker instead of an icebreaker. That's why we created a new platform for Trump supporters to meet people without being afraid of talking politics."

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Ladies Night at Sycuan with Emily & Sarah

Listener Jeff got into a huge argument with his wife and daughter. He refused to do something just because everyone else is doing it. His daughter is turning 16 soon, so he’s offering her the gift of a used car and a small get together with cake. But she wants a big. fancy, sweet 16 party and a brand new car. Unfortunately, his wife supports the daughter.

Should he fight it or give in? Our experienced married men, Dave and Chainsaw say - you can't win this one! Emily says give in. Boyer says fight to the end on principal. Ruth says fight. Sarah says girls rule. Give the girls what they want. What do you think?

Imagine the car Boyer would bring home for his daughters Sweet 16! Hahahaha!

Bromo called in today and told us about HIS Sweet 16 party. A couple of his friends came by and they were supposed to bring girls. No girls showed up. But his Dad and his old man friend Clark came over and played Roy Acuff songs! They played the guitar, the dobro,  the spoons, a banjo, with plenty of cornball singing. Yodeling too. Dang, he was a lucky kid!

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This Is One of the Most Disgusting Car Interiors You'll Ever See So You've Been Warned. It's just so gross - you probably don't want to see it, but in case you do - here you go.

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