DSC Show - Tuesday, September 11

DSC: Dave, Emily & Chainsaw

Here are some of the things we learned today.

Today is 9-11, Patriot Day! 38% of those asked want 9-11 to be a federal holiday. Dave thought the day Osama Bin Laden was thrown into the inky deep ocean would make a better day to celebrate. 

Dave has found equipment in the KGB main studio that hasn’t been touched since we were here eight years ago!

A sex brothel in Toronto got shut down. This place of business used only sex dolls, instead of real flesh and blood women. What could have gone wrong? We immediately thought of cleanliness issues, but that wasn't it. One of the neighbors claimed it normalized having sex with inanimate objects and that's not right, because the dolls couldn’t provide consent. THAT'S why they got shut down.

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Julie Chen a no-show on The Talk

Dave watched "The Talk" yesterday, interested to hear what Julie Chen would say about her husband stepping down as the head of CBS. Sharon Osbourne announced that Julie Chen took a few days off "to be with her family". She’ll be back on Thursday on "Big Brother." but no one is certain if she’s coming back to "The Talk." All of the women on "The Talk" said they love and support Julie, but her husband, their boss, Leslie Moonves definitely has a problem. Dave says if Chen returns and says she made a mistake about him, all will be forgiven. But if she stays with him, her career is probably over. Time will tell.

That brought us to nepotism, since many people think Julie Chen only has her TV jobs because her husband runs the network. Other families who practice nepotism include; the Trump family; Tori Spelling, daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling; Jaden Smith, son of rapper, actor, Will Smith; Gayle King, best friend of Oprah; and Liv Tyler, daughter of rocker Steven Tyler.

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Omar's emergency in the school cafeteria

Hall of Fame listener, Omar wrote to us this week about an emergency that happened in the school cafeteria. He consumed three lunches of chicken and gravy that day. But he hung out awhile playing the Oregon Trail video game, when his stomach started to churn loudly. He knew he had to use the restroom, but wanted to finish his game first. He thought he could hold it. Thought he could release just a lil' fart to release the tension. But.. well ... you know. His chicken and gravy lunch exploded before he made it to the boys room. The kids called him Ca-Ca Boy after that. He tried to escape the school before he died of embarrassment, but he got stuck on the school's fence.  The story is hysterical - listen to the audio clip below.

Would you rather: Honk on the school bus every day OR end up on the fence one time with chicken and gravy pants? Boyer chose the daily honk, while the rest of the crew picked chicken and gravy.

That letter led to the creation of Dave's new band, "Chicken and Gravy Trails Out the Pants." 

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Going from brunette to blonde

Dave told the story of his oldest daughter Carly working at her glamourous new job for Benefit Cosmetics. She hangs with fashion and makeup people now and they recommended she color her hair light blonde. They even found her a reputable salon in NYC. And hey, it's only $150. The girls on our crew were suspicious of that price, because it's a lot of work to go from brunette to blonde. If they aren't experts, your hair could fall out. So it sounded too good to be true, because it was. It was $150 AN HOUR and it would take seven hours to complete! Holy cow that's a lot! 

BOYER was outraged that they could charge by the hour. He said when you get your oil changed, they have a set fee. But a listener who works in the automobile industry contradicted him and said everything is based on an hourly fee. So once again, Boyer was wrong. And Carly decided against the high maintenance procedure.

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