DSC Show - Wednesday, November 14

What secret are you keeping from your family?

What secret are you not telling your family at your Thanksgiving feast? Best secret wins Disneyland tickets!

Nick - He and his wife are getting legally separated so they can get better health care benefits.

AJ - Slept with his cousins new wife after Grandma’s funeral. 

His wife cancelled her health insurance so she could pay her Mom more money in an allowance.

Asking her husband for a divorce. Her parents love her husband more than they love her

Email - roommate made out with other roomies Mom. Her husband would be upset if he found out.

Email from Toppy - she got gay married to her gay wife. Not telling 

Paul - Common law relationship is over. He fell in love with someone else and is moving in with her but not telling the family.  His family adores his woman and would be very upset.

Jamie - Dad paid him $1000 not to get a motorcycle, but he bought a motorcycle with the money and broke his leg, which his dad paid for. He lied and told Dad the accident was from riding a skateboard.

Jason - Made out with step sister when he was 10

Brian - wife’s family is very religious. He and wife joined a swingers club on FB and sometimes bring people back to their home. Might bring another swinger couple to Thanksgiving dinner.

Victor - baby doesn’t look like the mom or the dad at all. They know there was some messing around before she got back together with her fiance. 

Round 2

Donald - not telling them that’s he’s straight. Told them he’s gay so they stop setting him up on horrible dates. He’s too busy to date & career driven right now. 

Allen - he and his fiance had 2 kids each from other relationships. She wants kids with him, but he’s been snipped and not telling her.

******WINNER*******Don - keeping a secret from wife. He hates his wife’s eggs from their chickens. Creeps him out. He throws them away and replaces them with store bought eggs.*********

Caroline - use to be a live in nanny for a family in Manhattan. She got hooked up with a network of people who found brides for Russian men. Got married 3 times for $5,000 each time. 

Sampson - when he was 6 he got mad at his parents and peed in the corner to get back at them. 

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Disneyland Holiday Giveaway
Dave's new band name on KGB

Listener Jen is our only listener in our Hall of Shame. She today us her little one had an accident at school and came home wearing the “Pants of Shame.”  We aren't exactly sure what that means, but it inspired the name of Dave’s new Band

Then we heard Katherine "Scottie" MacGregor, age 93,  best known for her role as Harriet Oleson on "Little House on the Prairie," died Tuesday. That's when Boyer said to Clint, "You know you were beating off to Half-Pint." Actress Melissa Gilbert played the character, Laura Ingalls Wilder otherwise known as Half Pint. And THAT inspired Dave's other new band name, "Beating Off to Half-Pint."

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Little House On The Prairie Katherine MacGregor died
12 Days of Christmas

If you've been wondering whatever happened to Laura Cain from the now defunct Jeff & Jer Show - she was our special guest today and she dished the dirt - BIGTIME! Check out our Not Safe For Work, After The Show Podcast called, "Backwash."  It's from Wed. 11-13-18.

Pinks husband to shoot looters

Former motocross star and husband to pop star P!nk, Carey Hart, isn't afraid to protect his home. He posted a message on Instagram yesterday that promised looters in the Woolsey Fire area would be shot. The post showed a pic with 12 men wearing bandannas and masks, proudly toting a variety of firearms. 

Hart also posted another message detailing his disappointment with "people that take advantage of others in crisis."

 It's unclear if Hart is pictured with the thugs, but you can see the pic and read more about it here.

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Check out four men dressed up in a yellow cardboard bus costume to protest a pedestrian ban on a bridge in the Russian city of Vladivostok. They may have been a bit conspicuous when the law pulled them over.

REO Speedwagon contest

We talked about so much more than I can tell you about on this blog, so please listen to our podcast for Wed. 11-14-18, in its entirety. 


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