DSC Show - Wednesday, November 7

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today:

Billboard magazine has named their Woman of the Year - Ariana Grande.

Sinead O’Connor is now a Muslim and never wants to spend time with a white person ever again.

Boyer volunteered to do a political commercial for then candidate, Dick Rider who also lost back in the early 90s. 

List of things it’s okay to cheap out on: Advil, Bandaids,  Bread,  Q-tips,  Dish Towels. Dave disagrees with everything on this list and just doesn't want to go cheap on anything anymore.

The "Recycled Band Aids" is the name of Dave's new band. 

Boyer offered Sarah a band aide today and she felt like she immediately got Tuberculosis. 

Sarah didn’t find a “T-belt” at Walmart yesterday. Her husband finally had to tell her Dave was messing with her. 

We pulled Bromo out of an important meeting at his radio station in Minot, ND. He was supposed to help us with our Bob Seger contest.

Dude was fishing and found a baby floating in the ocean - and it was still alive. The parents were asleep and didn’t know the baby wandered off on his own. Turned out to be fine.

Seven hockey players were recorded during their Uber ride in Phoenix, trash talking their assistant coach. The driver posted the video and they got in big trouble. 

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Rev. Dave on Lash Wednesday

We did a fun round of Lash Wednesday With Reverend Dave, a real priesty guy and his Alter Boyer, plus Reverend Mother, Ruth 66. They're looking for The Sin Sinniest Sinner of them all to win tickets to Disneyland!

Mike: got too excited during sex and broke her nose. Never went out with him again. 

Mike: got in a fight with friend. Made some lemonade with his pee in it

Tony: in high school on the wrestling team - put some liquid heat in a guys jock strap

Adam: His roommate got busted jacking on his bed watching porn. So he cut some of his public hair and put it on his toothbrush.

Kelly - seeking revenge, she peed in a water bottle with her volleyball teammates, then poured it on a girls car

Kyle - in a committed relationship with a guy for 12 years. Met a girl recently at the gym. Now seeing a girl instead of going to the gym. Cheating on his boyfriend.

Matthew - Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. He liked the daughter of an Elder whom he has sex with in the bathroom. Someone walked in during the act, caught them. He said he wasn’t sorry and they kicked him out of the church

Steve - got his parking spot stolen at the mall. He left a full diaper load on her windshield!

*******winner*****Ali - while babysitting, the kid pooped in the tub. Scooped it out with a food strainer, rinsed it off and replaced it in the kitchen. *************winner *******

Votes:  Emily - Ali  -  Chainsaw - Ali -  Sarah - Ali

Boyer - Steve

Ruthie - Matthew

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Disneyland Holidays

Check out the latest episode of the after the show, uncensored, not for work podcast. This one features only Boyer and Ruth. Enjoy!

Oprah's Favorite Things for under $50

Oprah's Favorite Things for under $50. Here are highlights from the list.

Popinsanity Artisanal Popcorn: Popcorn Gift Bag & Tins Cost: $30 to $180Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.

EMPOWERED by Maya J: Bracelets Cost: $38Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.

Vionic: Gemma Mule & Plush Slippers Cost: $60-$80Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.

Echo: Faux Fur Vest Cost: $89 Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.LA 

RELAXED: Jumpsuit Cost: $168 Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.

truMedic: InstaShiatsu + Foot Massager Cost: $199 Click here for a 50% off "Good Morning America" deal valid on 11/7 only.

You can find the complete list here.

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Bob Seger Final Tour

Jimmy Kimmel convinced people on the street that Kid Rock won his election yesterday. Watch the dummies act like they knew all about it - even thought it never happened!

Last year Kid Rock announced he was running for the Senate and, of course, it turned out to be a publicity stunt. 


Here's today's podcast of The DSC Show on KGB on Wednesday, 11-7-18. Enjoy!



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