How Emily Embarrassed Herself With A Big Fat Lie!

This morning the DSC wanted to hear the best stories of how you embarrassed yourself trying to impress someone. Emily admitted that in an attempt to get a cute boy in school to notice her, she claimed the afternoon DJ, Eric Powers, on her favorite radio station was her dad. It worked and she scored a date! Her fib was foiled though when on their date she took the cute boy to the radio station to meet her "dad" and he was able to figure out Emily wasn't related to Eric at all! That was also their last date. 

This lead to the DSC discovery that her fondness for the DJ had started years prior when young 13-year-old Emily, called in to the station and Eric let her introduce a song on the air! 

That was the moment when Emily knew she wanted to be a radio DJfor a living! Listen to her first radio announcement below.

DJ Eric Powers

Thanks to listener Jay for the auto tune treatment!


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