Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Child' (Cool Gayageum Cover by Luna)

How cool is this Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Child' cover done with a traditional Korean instrument?

Luna Lee likes to do covers of classic rock 'n' roll and we have to say this is pretty amazing!

The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument with 12 strings, though some more recent variants have 21 or other numbers of strings. It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument.


From Luna Lee:

My name is Luna and I am from Korea. I play contemporary music with a Korean traditional instrument called the gayageum. The gayageum has a beautiful sound and amazing potential so I wanted to share my music with many people. I've been on YouTube creating music videos for the internet since 2009. I have covered various genres of music.

All equipment for recording and shooting the performance:

  • Bose L1 compact amplifier
  • Orange Crush 20RT amp
  • Sony headphones MDR-7506
  • Boss Distortion DS-1 made in Japan
  • Strymon reverb BigSky
  • Nux Time force delay
  • Nux Loop core
  • Tone Gauge Overdrive
  • Moollon custom equalizer
  • Nux PDI-2 Sony HDR-CX450 camera
  • Adam A5X monitor speaker,
  • Yamaha MM8 synthesizer keyboard
  • DAW: Cubase RME babyface audiocard (audio interface)
  • MXL 2006 microphone
  • Gayageum: customized 12,20,21,25 string Gayageums

Be sure to check out Luna Lee's YouTube channel for more!

Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Child" Live in Stockholm - 1969


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