DSC 2.1 - Old People Problems, Summer School: Big Game, Sam The Cooking Guy

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The DSC Show for Friday, 2/1/19: Old People Problems, Summer School: Big Game Edition, Sam The Cooking Guy and more! 

Listen to the podcast below.


Here are some of the things we learned today.

Listener mail - Really enjoyed the new “You Bet Your Ass” game. But It appeared Boyer enjoyed spanking Emily way too much. Please dress in all black next time!

Listener in Chicago says he hates it when you fart in your car when its 50 below zero! You really have to think hard before you decide to open the window.

Boyer was right about their being a Batman villain named The Inquisitor, but wrong about the one he called The Tire Flattener.

Chainsaw is fond of saying “Hate is an acid that corrodes its container.” Who knew Adam Levine was such a hater! He said people naturally tend to hate on the halftime show just because.

LeBron returned in his Laker uniform last night for the first time since Xmas. He scored a near triple double! Lakers beat the Clippers in OT. He has one day of rest before taking on the world champion Warrior Saturday night.

We needed a benchmark for The Telephone Game. People don’t believe Ruth and Clint were so bad at it. So Dave had Emily and Boyer play it. It was almost perfect. We’ll try again with Clint and Ruth to see if they can improve, but we doubt it.

At the news of one company offering a cure for cancer in one year, Boyer retorted, "that's nice."

Old People’s Problem or OPP: Dave picked up an item on his left with his right hand and got instant pain shooting through the middle of his body and back. Also had a problem swallowing. OPP, ugh.

Listener Nadine wrote to us at DSC@101kgb.com: You were right Dave. I went to see Elton John and it was fantastic. Just like you said it would be. Everyone stood up for the first three songs, but then sat down - except for the three drunk soccer moms who can’t dance. They never use to annoy me, but they do now. I must be old. OPP, ugh.

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Want to see Philip Rivers cry?

Well... he doesn't actually cry a river, but he get all choked up and very emotional. We have to make fun of him, even though it's actually very sweet. -R


Sam the Cooking Guy and stopped by today to teach us how to make a French Onion Grilled Cheese.

You can watch him make this gigantic sandwich on his YouTube channel in the video posted below.

Summer School - Super Bowl Halftime Bands

5 Quiz: Summer School: Big Game Edition

Listeners playing for tickets to the San Diego Zoo. Here are the words we had to guess.

Justin Timberlake  Lady Gaga Coldplay    Bruno Mars Madonna Black Eyed Peas Bruce

Springsteen    Prince Rolling Stones Shania Twain   U-2 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  Aerosmith

Britney Spears  Boys to Men Diana Ross     Three Stooges Carol Channing     

New Kids on the block  Paul McCartney The Who

******Winner ******** Christina Aguilar**** Chainsaw wins*********

$5 Quiz Standings:

  • Ruth - last place batting .093
  • Boyer 4th place - batting 167
  • Chainsaw - 3rd place - batting 250 & won 3 of last 4 quizes
  • Emily - 2nd place - batting 333,1 game back
  • Sarah - back in first place after NOT playing this one!!

Photo by KGB/iHeartMedia

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