San Diego On Top 10 List For Highest Rent In America

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Who spends the most on rent each month? If you live in one of these ten American cities, you're spending more on monthly rent than everyone else in the U.S.  Seven of the ten cities listed are in California with the only exception being Boston, Jersey City and of course, New York City.   

The list was compiled by who provides home rental listings nationwide.  All rental prices were factored to determine the median rental price in each city.

Not surprisingly, California is the most expensive state to rent AND buy a home with the median price of a home in the state exceeding one million dollars, coming in at $1,087,599 according USA TODAY.  The only two states who come close to California home prices are Massachusetts at $977,237 and New York at $932,366.

Highest Median Rental Prices in America:

10. Long Beach, CA

9. Santa Ana, CA

8. San Diego, CA 

7. Jersey City, NJ

6. Anaheim, CA 

5. Boston, MA

4. Oakland, CA

3. San Jose, CA

2. New York City, NY

1. San Francisco, CA

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10 - Long Beach, California. The 7th most populous California city has a median rental price for a 1 BR of $1380

Long Beach #10 Highest Rent in America

9 - Santa Ana, California. Founded by William Spurgeon with a land purchase of $595, the median rental price for a 1 BR is now $1440.

Santa Ana #9 Highest Rent in America

8 - San Diego, California. The second largest city in California, its median rental price for a 1 BR is $1550.

San Diego #8 Highest Rent in America

7 - Jersey City, New Jersey. Often jokingly called NYC's sixth borough, New Jersey's second largest city has a median rental price for a 1 BR of $1580.

Jersey City #7 Highest Rent in America

6 - Anaheim, California. Disneyland's home would have Mickey paying a median rental price for a 1 BR of $1630 if he wanted to walk to work.

Anaheim #6 Highest Rent in America

5 - Boston, Massachusetts. With a steady influx of students, Beantown's median rental price for a 1 BR is $1680.

Boston #5 Highest Rent in America

4 - Oakland, California. Noted as a hot housing market due to Silicon Valley's overflow, its median rental price for a 1 BR is $1770.

Oakland #4 Highest Rent in America

3 - San Jose, California. Marked as one of the hottest housing markets in the country, its median rental price for a 1 BR is $2070.

San Jose #3 Highest Rent in America

2 - New York City, New York. The always densely populated five boroughs of New York City are a perennial list topper with a current median rental price for a 1 BR at $2090.

New York #2 Highest Rent in America

1 - San Francisco, California. Supply, demand and building height restrictions push Frisco's housing to be the most expensive in the U.S. Median rental price for a 1 BR is $2440.

San Francisco #1 Highest Rent in America



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