San Diego Named In U.S.’ Most Polluted Cities

The American Lung Association released its 'State of The Air' report and San Diego was named in the top 10!

Which city's air do you think is the most polluted in America?

America's most polluted city

#10 New York City, New York

The American Lung Association released its list of 10 most polluted cities in the U.S.A. The New York - Newark area was tenth.

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America's most polluted city

#9 Red Bluff, California

California's Redding/Red Bluff area came in ninth. According to the report, Shasta and Tehama counties had unhealthy ozone days of 9.3 and 25.7 days, respectively.

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America's most polluted cities

#8 Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona's Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale region came in eighth, with Phoenix recently experiencing three consecutive high pollution advisory days.

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America's most polluted cities

#7 Modesto, California

The San Joaquin Valley's city of Modesto was seventh. Efforts to combat air pollution include restricting fireplace burning to specific days.

Photo Source:  By Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA (Modesto, California) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

most polluted city usa

#6 San Diego, California

The San Diego metro area had a 42% increase in total number of unhealthy ozone pollution days since 2015. While clean car standards are effective, rising temperatures are increasing the frequency of ozone days.

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most polluted city usa

#5 Sacramento, California 

Some Sacramento regions have experienced an average increase of 9 bad ozone days, with per annum days totaling nearly one month.

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america polluted city

#4 Fresno, California

In one of its west side neighborhoods, where freeways, agriculture, and industry commingle, air pollution has proven particularly troublesome.

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usa most polluted cities

#3 Visalia, California

The city of Visalia, with thousands of trucks traveling daily on the adjacent Highway 99, suffers from particulate and smog air pollution.

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usa most polluted cities

#2 Bakersfield, California

With a strong petroleum industry presence, Bakersfield's air pollution is exacerbated by agriculture, rail freight, and automobile emissions.

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usa most polluted cities

#1 Los Angeles, California

La La Land tops the list for American cities with the most harmful ozone pollution. A recent study indicated that 53% of urban air pollution may come from consumer products such as hair spray and cleaning agents.

Getty Photo Source: MARK RALSTON / Staff

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