Small Dongs Unite To End Shame Associated With Undersized Penis

Several people gathered in for a "Small Dong March" held in Los Angeles on October 23, with the goal of ending the 'shame' associated with having an undersized penis.

The march was organized by YouTube stars Chad and JT who encouraged participation on Twitter by saying "Some people are embarrased to show up. If you have a small dong, the truth will come out. So own that truth."

Men and women showed up to participate in the downtown area carrying signs and chanting "Motion of the ocean!"

Last year a survey done by OnlyBuy found that the biggest earners tend to have the smallest penises.

Apparently men with 3-inch penises (which is considered a micropenis) make an annual income of $76,780 on average. Plus, males with 4-inch penises are more likely to get a promotion.

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