Trucker Pushes Car Down Highway For A Mile (On Accident)

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Trucker Allegedly Unaware He Was Pushing A Mercedes Benz Car Down A San Antonio Highway For A Mile! "I Didn't See Him"

An 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck was captured on camera pushing a dark two-door Mercedes Benz down I-35 North past the exit for 281 Monday afternoon in San Antonio, Texas. The car owner of the Mercedes was identified as Leon Morris, 58, and the operator of the 18-wheeler was identified as Raymond Morales, 48. 

Morales was driving his car in the far left lane on I-35 North at the time Morris was coming onto the interstate from the Main Street access ramp, based on an incident statement. Morris merged onto the freeway and skid marks indicate that Morales entered the lane Morris was in, colliding with the Mercedes. Morales said to law enforcement he did not realize he was dragging the Mercedes initially and attempted to stop when he discovered there was clearly an automobile in front of his big rig, based on the report. Morris was taken to the medical center and Morales was noticeably shaken, but the report did not get into additional details.


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