VIDEO: Twerk Your Balls Off Contest on DSC Morning Show

A fierce "battle of the butts" commenced this morning between Emily, Chainsaw, Boyer, and Sarah as they "Twerked their balls off". To win, they had to get the most balls out of the box attached to their butts. It was epic!

Twerking is described as is part of a larger set of characteristic moves unique to the New Orleans style of hip-hop known as "Bounce". Moves include "mixing", "exercising", the "bend over", the "shoulder hustle", "clapping", "buttcheeks clapping", and "the wild wood"—all recognized as "booty shaking" or "bounce".

Round 1: Emily vs Chainsaw (Emily won)

Round 2: Boyer vs Sarah (Boyer won)

Final Round: Boyer vs Emily, and yes Boyer won.

Check out the videos below.



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