Woman Electrocuted and Lost Three Limbs

Lucky To Be Alive: Victoria Salcedo Was Electrocuted and Lost Three Limbs!

At just five years old, Victoria Salcedo from Guayaquil in Ecuador lost both her arms and her left leg in an electrical accident at home. She was playing in her home and touched an electrical outlet with a metal stick. Her mother then found her laying on the ground and they rushed her to the hospital. The incident occurred on November 11, 2001 which caused third degree burns so severe that her arms and one leg had to be amputated.

Now 23, Victoria doesn't remember much before the accident. She had to relearn even the most basic tasks using only her one limb that she now refers to as her "magic leg." She hasn't let her condition hold her back and recently has taken up free-diving. She's even started documenting her life on social media.

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