World Record Fireworks Show Captivates San Diego [KGB Sky Show]

World Record Fireworks Show San Diego

A fireworks show 43 years in the making lit the night sky of San Diego as the KGB Sky Show was officially recognized as the longest running synchronized, rock and roll fireworks show on earth. 

To celebrate, 3,600 display shells were set off in four separate locations, in and around SDCCU Stadium, including the parking lot, the light ring around the stadium, multiple man lifts and on the field.  An exotic assortment of shells were ignited to increase the show's wow factor: Grasshopper Green with Gold Glitter Orchid; Red and Blue Crossing Circles with Strobing Pistil; Purple Ghost Peony with Crackling Ghost Peony; Flying Dragons with Strobe Pistil; Italian Double Titanium Farfalla Rings; and Midnight Snow Rings.

The show began just after the San Diego State University Aztecs beat Sacramento State in an NCAA football game.  To trigger the start of the show, the fireworks were set to ignite when the audience of almost 50,000 people made enough noise to register 101.5 on a decibel meter.  

101.5 KGB-FM helped originate the concept of fireworks synchronized to music in 1976 with their first Sky Show and the tradition has continued every year since.  Each year the show gets bigger and better and it evolves along with technology, music, and fireworks themselves.  

KGB Sky Show Ticket from 1982

Preparation for this year's show began in February with the radio station, fireworks company Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, and the show producer Blair Schultze.  

This year's theme was inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics, when San Diego native and three-time Gold Medal winner Shaun White beat the record for the men's halfpipe with a score of 97.75 on his last run.  

From there, the show took shape and developed into three separate acts: 1) Setting World's Records; 2) Out Of This World; and 3) World Records Of Rock.  As San Diego's heritage rock station, for 101.5 KGB, the final act was the most meaningful as it paid tribute to these music milestones:

The Beatles - World records for the most:

  • #1 Hits
  • Album sales – 600 million +
  • Number one albums - 25
  • Covered song, Yesterday – 3000

The Who – World record for the loudest concert at 129 decibels

Pink Floyd - "Dard Side of the Moon" spent the most weeks on the charts – 937 weeks = 31 years!

U2 - World Record for the most Grammy Awards and the highest grossing concert tour (360 Degree Tour earned $735 million).

Led Zeppelin - the most requested song of all time "Stairway To Heaven".

Check out photos of the SDSU Aztec Village before the football game and fireworks show below! 

More Sky Show 2018 photos courtesy of Clint August. 


And then of course... the fireworks!


We'll see you next year for KGB Sky Show 44! Thank you to everyone who came out.

A Surprise Proposal At KGB Sky Show 42
A Surprise Proposal At KGB Sky Show 42
A Surprise Proposal At KGB Sky Show 42
Listeners at Rady's Children Hospital Were Able to Enjoy Sky Show [PHOTO]
Listeners at Rady's Children Hospital Were Able to Enjoy Sky Show [PHOTO]
Listener Gina posted on our Facebook page a photo of her 4-year-old son watching the KGB Sky Show from his hospital bed.
KGB Sky Show 2018 Photos
KGB Sky Show 2018 Photos
Sky Show 43 was one of the best yet and it's because of you coming out and partying with us before the game. DSC had some fun with games like "Shoot In Your Suit,"...


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