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Coe's List

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Fun for kids this spring- how about "Spring Zoo Camp"? might be wondering what to do with the kids this about "Spring Zoo Camp" at Wild Wonders??

Does your child want to be a zoologist?

The Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day Camp allows them to participate in a hands-on half day camp that gives each child a unique, up-close and personal experience with this exciting career.

Your child will spend half a day with our staff of biologists, life scientists, animal trainers and zoo keepers learning about animals from all over the world. Campers will help care for a selection of the 120+ exotic animals that make their home at Wild Wonders. Our skilled educators will teach the campers about various adaptations and survival strategies employed by the animals, using fun, interactive games and activities.

The camp curriculum adheres to national science standards, and includes interactions and unique animal-encounters with a range of exotic animals.

The camp lasts from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a snack break in the middle of the day.

All tours and events are by appointment only, please call or email us for driving instructions: / Tel 760.630.9230.