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Join Coe in Supporting A Short Walk Home Saturday (8/4)

Join Coe for San Diego's only walk to end homelessness! 

On Saturday, August 4, 2018, join your fellow San Diego community members for Father Joe's Villages second annual 'A Short Walk Home' fundraising event.

'A Short Walk Home' is San Diego’s first and only walk for homelessness. This year’s participants will join fellow San Diegans in generating awareness and funds to help end homelessness in the local community. Participants can form teams and work together with family, friends and neighbors to raise funds to help Father Joe’s Villages move individuals and families off the streets and into their own homes. Join the movement to end homelessness in San Diego.  

San Diego has the country's 4th largest homeless population, and also is tied for the lowest vacancy rates in the country. The result is that too many of our neighbors are being pushed to life on the streets. This lifestyle does not allow our neighbors to meet their full potential. 

'A Short Walk Home' is designed to generate awareness and funds necessary to help support our neighbors' path to hope and self-sufficiency. Together, we can see and end to homelessness. 

Listen below for more information.

Listen for more information.