Hi angels!

I am in Zambia for the next two weeks working with my other foundation...Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation. We are on the ground fighting extinction because every single day 100 elephants and 6 rhinos are killed every day for ivory and rhino horn. The Asian Black Market is driving the extinction of countless species and I had to do something about it having been raised in Africa (Ethiopia) in my youth. There were over 10 million elephants when I lived there and now we have less thank 300k and less than 25k rhinos and lions. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Nsefu Wildlife is 100% donor based and it funds our Antipoaching Wildlife Ranger Program as well as the school we built to teach kids about wildlife conservation. We have a sewing program and beekeeping program helping people earn an income and help stabilize the region so our programs can create longterm solutions. I am proud to say they are working, but I can't do this alone. If you love wildlife and want to support a grassroots organization that will respect your money and have impact, check out our website at www.NSEFU.org.

Wish me luck and I will see you in a few weeks. Remember, extinction is REAL and we all must help stop it. Love you....