Coe's List

Coe's List

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Join Coe in Supporting Father Joe’s Villages

San Diego has the country's 4th largest homeless population, and also is tied for the lowest vacancy rates in the country. 

The result is that too many of our neighbors are being pushed to life on the streets. This lifestyle does not allow our neighbors to meet their full potential.


Help feed the homeless! Find out more and listen below.

Coe's List was created in response to the financial crisis of 2008 by longtime KGB radio personality Coe Lewis of "The Bob & Coe Show"

KGB listeners were losing jobs, homes, and pets due to the stress of financial loss and it was at that time Coe created Coe's List as a full-service community billboard supporting individuals, charitable organizations and businesses, and animal support organizations. Coe's List runs on-air M-F at 11:10am on 101KGB-FM. For more information, contact Coe at