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6-Month-Old Water-Skiing Baby Breaks World Record [VIDEO]

Rich Casey Humpherys is just 6 months and 4 days old, but he’s already broken a world record: This month, he became the youngest water skier in the world.

“I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that’s a big deal … #worldrecord,” reads the caption on a video of the life-jacketed baby as he holds onto a bar-topped board and is gently pulled across the crystal clear waters of Lake Powell, Utah, by another vessel.

While many of the commenters found the stunt adorable, parents Casey and Mindi Humpherys also received critique for, some feel, not prioritizing their child’s health. “Yes [you’re] an adventurous family but this just isn’t okay,” critiqued one viewer. “So many things could have gone wrong. [It’s] not cute just for likes.”

Others came to the family’s defense, calling the critics helicopter parents.

“The haters can’t relate … their kids are probably on video games all day,” said one.

“This is NOT child abuse,” wrote another. “Ppl need to stop always coddling their children this baby is 6 months and is living his best life.”

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Photo: Getty Images

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