Delivery Man Caught on Camera Rubbing Food Order on Crotch

A British man has vowed to never again order from Domino's after the delivery man was caught on camera rubbing part of his order on his crotch.

Buckinghamshire resident Jonathan Terry says he and some friends recently ordered a pizza and a pint of ice cream from the restaurant. He was halfway through the tub of Ben and Jerry's when he received a call from his girlfriend, he says. "She said, ‘I hope you haven’t eaten the ice cream that Domino's have sent you,'" Terry says. "She then told me to go and look at the Ring doorbell footage." The footage showed the deliveryman vigorously rubbing the pint of ice cream on his crotch just before he approached the door.

Domino's officials are "extremely disappointed to see this film, and our driver’s behavior is unacceptable," says company spokeswoman Rachel Townsend. Although Domino's offered Terry complimentary coupons to make up for the vulgar act, the 31-year-old turned them down flat. "I said, ‘After what your delivery driver has done, I don’t feel safe and don’t want to oblige to ever buy an order from Domino's again,'" Terry says.