Family Buys Tesla, Loses Roof on their Way Home from Dealership

A California family has lodged a complaint against Tesla after their roof of their brand new Model Y blew off as they drove home from the dealership.

The incident happened Sunday in Stockton. Cardiologist Walter Chien says he and his family were on their way home when they suddenly felt a gust of wind. "I looked up, and the roof was gone," the 63-year-old says. "None of us knew how to react. There was an initial panic and then we drove in a shocked silence all the way back."

Although Model Y vehicles have been the subject of quality complaints in recent months, the incident marked the first known occurrence of a roof flying off. Although Tesla officials have not commented on the incident, Chien says he spoke to a company rep who told him "everything was done correctly" in manufacturing the vehicle. "To me, that was more concerning," he says.

Photo: Getty Images

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