A Guy Caught Pleasuring Himself Says He Was Playing Air Drums

A 72-year-old in Baton Rouge named James Cousins recently parked in a lot next to the campus of L.S.U. And someone called the cops when they saw him watching female students walk by while PLEASURING himself from his truck.

Cops ran his plates and saw he'd been arrested for similar incidents dating back to 1981. Including several that happened in the same parking lot.

But when they accused him of fondling himself, he claimed it was a huge misunderstanding . . . and that he was just listening to music and playing AIR DRUMS.

He admitted he was there to watch women, saying it's the, quote, "only thing he has left." But he said someone must have mistaken his air-drumming for something else.

He also claimed he has a heart condition that prevents him from pleasuring himself. He's facing obscenity charges.

Baton Rouge Police Department

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