Suspect Stops for Gas During High-Speed Chase in California [VIDEO]

Who says it's impossible to outrun the cops? While leading California police on a high-speed chase Tuesday, a suspected thief managed to get so far ahead of pursuing officers that he found time to stop for gas. What's more is he even went inside to pay.

The chase began after police were called to investigate a theft at a Home Depot in Glendora. As news helicopters followed the pursuit, the suspect was seen stopping at a gas station, where he appeared to give something to another person, one chopper pilot reports. He then continued on to the city of El Monte, where he stopped again -- this time to fill up his tank, according to NBC-Los Angeles.

Following his pit stop, the man continued to lead officers through several more cities before getting on I-10 in West Covina, police say. TV news copters later spotted the vehicle pulling into a parking garage in downtown Los Angeles. It's unclear if police ever caught up with him.