The Best Places for Black Friday Deals

Last year, the major retail brands in this country offered an average discount of 40.4% off on Black Friday. This year, they're not quite so generous.

According to an analysis of the 7,000 Black Friday deals that are being advertised by the 26 biggest retail stores in the country, the average discount this year is 32.2% off. That's the lowest discount in the six years of this particular study.

There are four stores that have an average discount above 50%, though. Those are: JCPenney . . . Macy's . . . Kohl's . . . and Belk. It's been a tough year for giant department stores. They need to move merchandise.

On the other end of things, there are seven stores where the average discount is under 25%. Those are: Ace Hardware . . . Big Lots . . . Dell . . . Costco . . . Sam's Club . . . . . . and Newegg.

Here are the rankings for all 26 stores, plus breakdowns on where you can find the best discount in different categories of products.

Photo: Getty Images

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