Woman Found Living with Cats, Dogs, a Blind Owl and a Dead Woodchuck

In a story that's just as weird as the mugshot that accompanies it, a Connecticut woman has been arrested after authorities found her living with more than two dozen animals -- including three that were dead.

Hamden resident Donna Scirocco is facing six counts of animal cruelty in connection with the Tuesday discovery, police say. Officers were sent to the 59-year-old's home on Tuesday after neighbors complained of the stench coming from it -- and once they got inside, they found 26 cats, six dogs, two squirrels and a blind owl, according to Scirocco's arrest report. Investigators say they also found two dead cats and a dead woodchuck.

Although Scirocco was able to come up with a $5,000 bond to get out of jail, she wasn't able to go back home; the health department has condemned the property, police say.

Photo: Hamden Police Department

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