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Omar's Letter: Giving a "Wino Bum" Mouth to Mouth

We finally heard from Hall of Famer Omar after being MIA most of last year! And in true Omar fashion he told us the most disgusting story about giving a bum mouth to mouth. Read his full letter, including the part Dave left out on air, below!

Dear Dave,

I’ve been tucked away since April with no outside communications what so ever”.. well except for the time I tried living in the mountains a few months ago but that’s another story. Anyways I can’t say how much I’ve missed you guys in my morning drives but now I’m back on the road training for this new company. I’m on my 90 days probation and they gave me the trainee truck with no AC and a BUNK radio that only works for a few seconds when I hit a speed bump or a pot hole. I can only listen to your show for a few seconds at a time and yesterday I heard you guys talking about people doing nasty things for money or something? Or maybe they did things to make you cringe? Anyways I think I got one.

One day me and a friend walked into one of those ghetto liquor store on one of the corners on Euclid Ave. As we walked in one of the local wino bums asked me for some change for a beer. I told him I would hook him up on the way out. When we came out the store he was still waiting for me so I walked towards him and I gave him a couple of bucks for a beer. He put the money in his pockets and then fell to the ground and started shaking and foaming at the mouth. I started screaming for help and started calling 911 but nobody really seemed to care about the poor Bum dying.

All of a sudden my friend yelled at me saying "Hey the 911 lady says you have to give him CPR” and I’m like WHAT? and my friend is like "yeah you have to give him mouth to mouth before he dies”.. so I’m looking down at the guy and the guy looks like he hasn’t showered in a few years he has a long dirty black beard with dreads in it, tons of dandruff and his ears filled with earwax. Oh and did I mention he’s foaming at the mouth.. so I looked at my friend and said "IM NOT DOING IT”. and my friend said "well he’s going to die”.

I screamed louder for help but no help came and I couldn’t let the man die so I got down on my knees wiped the foam from the guys mouth with my sleeve closed my eyes I put my mouth on he’s covered his nose and started to blow. I’m never going to forget the feeling or the smell. He smelled just like a porta potty in the back dumpster of a Tijuana fish market and next day hangover breath. Anyways I blew a couple of times for a few seconds which felt like hours and right before I was done I felt he’s arms holding me tight and then he’s tongue go inside of my mouth and started licking my palate up and down. I quickly pushed him away and he startedlaughing and pointing he’s finger at me "HaHa I’m gay and so are you HAHA." I wanted to kill and the myself for being so stupid but I didn’t. I just walked away and my friend couldn’t stop laughing over there so finally we got in the car and I asked my friend if we had to wait for the paramedics that where on the way? And he said "Nah Dude I never called 911 I just wanted to see if you would do that." Me and my friend are not so cool no more and...

(WARNING here comes the part Dave left out!)

two days later I was still spitting out leftover food that that bum Jammed into my mouth Dave!

Anyways so glad I’m partially listening to your show in this bunk truck until my 90 days are up and I get my new truck.. like always Dave... love your show and stay safe out there.

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