Woman, 23, Who Only Grew One Breast Says She Doesn't Need To Be 'fixed'

A woman who was told she was a 'late developer' has revealed how she discovered she was actually born with a rare condition which meant that she only grew one breast.

Becca Butcher, 23, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has Poland Syndrome, which means one breast is significantly smaller than the other - her right one is a D cup, while the left is an A cup.

She was cruelly teased at school due to her lopsided chest, with her classmates horribly telling her she would 'never find love' and that 'no boy would ever want her'.

But Becca refused a free boob job to enlarge her left breast to the size of her right one, because she now feels she doesn't need to be 'fixed', revealing: 'I didn't want the boob job, I told doctors "I don't want surgery, I want information about why I am the way I am. I don't want to change it, I want to know how to live with it". Full Story Here:


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