Check Out This Rubber Suit That Makes You Look Ripped

Here’s a foolproof way to get the perfect beach body: Just buy it online.

Did your fitness standards slip during coronavirus gym closures? Not to worry.

Chinese e-bazaars are now selling hyperrealistic muscle suits that make people look ripped without leaving the sofa.

For upward of $100, COVID couch potatoes can head to the site Taobao and purchase a Smitizen brand silicone bodysuit so realistic-looking, it evokes a “Terminator” human-skin suit, the Daily Mail reported.

That’s because, unlike the polyester muscle suits worn for Halloween, these wearable beach bodies are made from 100% medical-grade silicone.

The swoll-inducing body skins come as either upper-, lower- or full-body casts, depending on which body parts need embellishment.

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