Dog Saves Puppy From Drowning In Swimming Pool.

“We don’t deserve dogs,” is the conclusion that the internet has arrived at after watching a video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter user Rex Chapman posted a 59-second clip featuring a puppy and a dog and it has already been viewed over six million times so far.

The incident was recorded on CCTV camera as it captured a dog saving a puppy from drowning in a swimming pool. The little pup was walking beside a swimming pool, and it slipped, and accidentally fell in it as it struggled for its life. In the meantime, a dog, who was in the vicinity, arrived at the spot and started barking for help in order to save the puppy.

Next, the dog pulled the puppy out from the pool gently after several attempts, and thus, managed to save its life.

“Security cameras caught something pretty amazing. We don’t deserve dogs,” the caption of the post reads.

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