Woman Jumps Off Disney World Ride to Steal a Cucumber [VIDEO]

Photo: Getty Images North America

A video that surfaced on Instagram Monday shows a woman jump off a ride at Florida's Disney World to swipe a cucumber from a nearby vine.

The incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday when the woman -- identified only as Martha -- was enjoying Epcot's "Living with the Land" attraction, which takes visitors on a water ride in tiny boats. The clip shows Martha suddenly jump into the water, grab a cucumber from a vine and then struggle to climb back into the boat. People can be heard yelling as she climbs back in.

"I had the luxury of sitting behind these morons," tweeted Disney visitor Mark Avis. "They actually jumped off the boat four different times during the ride." It should be noted that the ride features several signs that read, "Please keep arms and hands inside the boat."

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