Motorist Blames GPS for Getting Her Stuck in Wet Concrete

Photo: Getty Images North America

While GPS is seen as a godsend by millions of direction-impaired motorists, at least one woman in Iowa isn't among them. She says her electronic navigation system is responsible for getting her vehicle hopelessly stuck in wet concrete.

The 37-year-old Webster City resident says her GPS sent her on trip into a construction area where a construction crew was pouring concrete. And although workers say they frantically attempted to get her to stop, the woman continued driving -- right into a pool of freshly-poured cement.

After freeing the unidentified woman from the predicament, Fort Dodge police officers cited the woman for driving through construction barriers to get to the site. They also posted a message on Facebook that reads, "Please don't ignore signs that say roads are closed or closed to through traffic. And please don't drive around the barricades!”

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