Would You Try "Bread Steak"?

Photo: AFP

A cookbook author named David Tamarkin is going viral after he wrote an article for "Bon Appétit", and told people to try something he invented called "BREAD STEAK."

Spoiler alert: There's no actual "steak" involved.

He's vegetarian and wanted something quick and easy that imitates steak. So he came up with "bread steak" . . . which is really just a slice of sourdough with a bunch of NON-steak-related things on top.

He says it's kind of like savory French toast. First, he soaks the bread in custard and cooks it in a pan. Then he puts a bunch of fresh parmesan on it . . . sprinkles it with sugar . . . and broils it for another two to three minutes. And after that, he just dumps a bunch of vegetables on top . . . and that's "bread steak". (???)

So far, reactions are mixed. Most people agree the name is misleading, because it's really just vegetables on cheesy bread that you eat with a knife and fork.

But he posted a picture, and most people DO think it looks kinda good. It just doesn't fit any reasonable definition of what "steak" is.

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