Serial Pooper Banned From Defecating, Urinating in Open Spaces

Photo: Cheshire Constabulary

A British serial pooper has been terrorizing a English county for over two decades and police have had enough!

Amanda Lee, 50, has been breaking the law since at least 1996, with 15 convictions for anti-social behavior, harassment, public order violations and abusing the country’s emergency phone number.

The woman has since been issued a criminal behavior order, or CBO, which explicitly prohibits her from committing some of her most common crimes for five years, with violations carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

She has officially been banned from defecating and urinating in any open space in her town. She also can't carry open containers of alcohol in public, call the emergency phone number unless she has a genuine reason for doing so or use abusive language in a public place, including using a dog to threaten or intimidate people, according to police.

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