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100-Pound Tropical Fish Washed Up On Oregon Beach [PHOTOS]

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Photo: Getty Images North America

A 100-pound, 3 1/2 foot Opah, a tropical fish, washed up on Sunset Beach in Oregon beach last week.

Little is known about Opahs because they live in the deep ocean and are usually found in tropical waters around the world.

Their unusual appearance includes a round, flat body that's silvery gray in color.

Their fins and mouth are red, and their large eyes are encircled with gold.

Opahs can grow to more than 6 feet and weigh 600 pounds.

Officials with the Seaside Aquarium say the fish was found dead, but its body is in good condition and will be placed in a freezer until "one lucky school group" is picked to help dissect the fish and learn more about it.

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