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Woman Caught Skinny Dipping in Guy's Pool [PHOTO]

Photo: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

A 69-year-old guy in Florida came home from a doctor's appointment on Monday, and found a random woman SKINNY DIPPING in his pool in the middle of the afternoon.

It happened in Port Charlotte, just outside Fort Myers. (About 100 miles south of Tampa.) And it was around 90 degrees out. So it was hot.

42-year-old Heather Kennedy was completely naked, hanging out in his pool cooling off. So he called 911. But when the cops showed up, she still refused to leave.

There's a photo of them offering her some clothes to cover up with. But she wouldn't get out of the water, and told them to just leave her alone so she could keep swimming.

They eventually did get her out of the pool, and she's facing charges for trespassing and resisting arrest. It turns out she lives about two miles from where it happened.

It's not clear if drugs or alcohol factored in, but she does have a history. She recently got pulled over, and cops found a bunch of drug paraphernalia and pills.

But she tried to claim the pills weren't hers . . . and that they really belonged to a friend named "Crackhead Chris."

She's due in court early next month to deal with the skinny-dipping charges.

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