Female CO Arrested for Sexual Contact With Male Prisoner

Photo: Buchanan County Sheriff's Office

A Missouri corrections officer named Haven Shank has been arrested for having sex with a male offender at least five times, a relationship that apparently has left the defendant pregnant.

Haven, 26, was charged this month with a felony for engaging in sexual contact with a prisoner.

In a conversation with the offender, Jeron Ward, Shank asked “if he picked a name for Haven Shank’s unborn child.” The pair’s sexual encounters allegedly spanned several months and ended earlier this year.

A female witness said Haven told her “she became impregnated by an offender.” Haven's former husband gave an investigator a screenshot from her Twitter account “which indicated Offender Ward is the father to her unborn child.”

Haven spent several days in custody prior to her release on her own recognizance following her July 21 arraignment.

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