Tenant Buries Apartment in 8K Cans, Mountains of Feces [VIDEO]

Concerns Grow Over Pandemic Related Plastic Pollution

Photo: Getty Images North America

A tenant in the UK proved every landlord’s worst nightmare after leaving his apartment filled with thousands of cans, rotting food — and a human-sized mound of poop.

Despite having a strong stomach from working in wastewater management, the overwhelmed garbage disposal worker reportedly threw up three times during the cleanup!

The homeowner claims that he tried to inspect the apartment on numerous occasions over months of unpaid rent, only to have the renter talk his way out of it each time.

The fed-up landlord finally opted to try and evict the freeloader, whereupon the hoarder left on his own accord. After leaving, the slob sent the owner a text message that read “I might have left a bit of a mess.”

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