An Anti-Masker Peed on the Counter at Dairy Queen [VIDEO]

Dairy Queen Payment Systems Breached By Hackers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Some guy on Vancouver Island in Canada walked into a Dairy Queen on Saturday night, and they asked him to put a mask on. But he refused.

He claimed he was exempt and didn't have to wear one, but they wouldn't serve him. So he unzipped his pants and started PEEING on the counter.

A guy behind him in line got it on video, but you don't see anything graphic. You just hear him arguing with a staff member. Then several female employees start screaming when they see what he's doing.

He eventually zipped up, called them all psychopaths, and left without ordering.

Last we heard, he hadn't been arrested yet. Police hope someone who sees the video can I.D. him.

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