Brazilian Bank Robbers Strap Hostages to Getaway Cars [VIDEO]


Photo: AFP

After knocking off two banks in Brazil on Monday, a group of robbers managed to escape by attaching the ultimate bulletproof shields to their getaway cars: people.

Videos posted online show 10 vehicles speeding through Aracatuba, a city in Sao Paulo, with hostages strapped to their roofs, hoods and trunks. Along the way, the robbers distracted authorities by detonating explosives all over the city and setting a number of parked vehicles on fire, police say. At least three people were killed in the chaos. "The feeling was one of helplessness,” says Mayor Dilador Borges. "It was a night of terror.”

Although two of the robbers have already been apprehended, authorities say at least 18 remain at large, police say.

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