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Hooters Tried to Force Waitresses to Wear Even Skimpier Shorts

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Hooters just changed the shorts it's waitresses have to wear, and made them skimpier . . .

The new ones are like THONG underwear, so most of your butt shows. They have to wear leggings under them, or they might accidentally reveal a little TOO much. And initially, it was mandatory. They couldn't wear the old shorts anymore.

Someone got their hands on a copy of the memo Hooters sent to employees. It basically said that if they didn't like the new shorts, they should test drive them for two weeks and see if they could get used to them.

If not, they had two options: They could ask to be transferred to a, quote, "non-image based position" at the restaurant, but probably make less money. Or they could quit.

There was immediate backlash online from employees who didn't want to wear them. One said she didn't think it was fair, because they're not the shorts she agreed to wear when they hired her. And it looks like all that attention on social media worked.

Hooters just put out a statement that says they're updating their policy. Staff members will now have the OPTION of wearing the new shorts. Or, they can keep wearing the old ones that offer more coverage.

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